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Latest HSE Bulletin Entries

Safety Bulletin – December 2021

Australia - Heavy vehicles The National Transport Commission has decided not to propose a reduction to the maximum weekly hours of truck drivers following consultation with industry. Industry indicated that reducing limits could counteract the safety goals, as some workers may need to find a second job and some long-haul drivers may not be able to get back home each week.   View the Na...

Environmental Bulletin – December 2021

NSW - Energy Legislation Amendment Bill passed The NSW Government has passed the Energy Legislation Amendment Bill in parliament, which will allow the development of renewable energy infrastructure, such as for wind energy generation, in the State’s softwood pine plantations. The legislation also supports the NSW Hydrogen Strategy, which among other things, will help the State to halve its emis...

Safety Bulletin – November 2021

Australia - Adoption of review recommendations progressing Safe Work Australia has stated within its annual report that it expects the Boland review recommendations to be fully or largely implemented by the end of 2022. Of the 34 recommendations to amend model WHS laws and further improve governance, 32 will be executed.   Read the The Safe Work Australia Annual Report 2020–21 here ...

Environmental Bulletin – November 2021

VIC - New Model by-law for Victoria's water restrictions proposed The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is seeking public feedback on the proposed Model Water Restriction By-law, which is intended to replace the existing Water Restriction By-laws of Victoria's 15 urban water corporations when they expire in December 2021. Notable changes to the By-law include encouraging the use...