Create and customise legal compliance registers and reports that link to specific HSE legal obligations

Easy to Use
  • An unlimited number of registers can be created, shared and exported to MS Excel
  • Create risk ratings and link to internal documentation and compliance evidence
  • Compliance obligations are regularly updated and you’re alerted to any changes made
  • Define the layout and set the obligations covered in each register
  • Updates to register layout and content can be made as required
  • Designate individual user permissions (from read-only to administration rights)
  • Create audits from your register when you also subscribe to Compliance Audit Tool
  • Available to all staff in your organisation via secure login
  • No special software required to access
  • Provides a central point of reference for your organisation’s environmental and OHS/WHS legal obligations

Compliance Register uses current legal obligation summaries from EnviroLaw / SafetyLaw / HSE LawGuides. A subscription to one of these products is required for Compliance Register to operate.