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The HSE Bulletin is a complementary service available with any product subscription. It covers legislative changes and compliance news across Australia and New Zealand including:

  • Draft and proposed legislation changes and bills before Parliament
  • Publications under review and open for comment
  • Legislation that has passed but is not yet in force
  • Environment or safety campaigns conducted by authorities
  • Recent fines and prosecutions


Hyperlinks to legislation, publications and news items are included so all the information you require is at your fingertips.


The HSE Bulletin allows you to:

  • Plan for upcoming legislation
  • Stay informed of new codes of practice and guidelines
  • Have your say on legislation or guidance documents which allow for comments
  • Apply for relevant grants
  • Stay aware of recent fines and prosecutions

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HSE systems information and advice from Managing Director, Tim Hamilton


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Board Legislation Update

HSE legislative changes your organisation needs to know

The Board Legislation Update provides high level summaries of HSE legislative changes. The Board Legislation Update is delivered monthly as an editable document and provides the following information:


  • The name of the new/changed legislation
  • A succinct summary outlining the details of the change
  • The date of implementation
  • A hyperlink to the complete source documentation.


The level of detail provided is ideal for use by senior management and in Board reports.